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Energy Field

    Dongheng New Energy is now marketing graphite and carbon nanotube as energy source for application in mobile, computer, portable power and new energy electric vehicle fields.

    Dongheng New Energy Material Co., Ltd. produces low-cost graphite products with superior performance. The product also boasts of large capacity, high density, strong liquid injection performance, great energy density, good adherence and water dispersion, high cycling performance and quick charge and discharge. In addition, its safety performance will relieve customers of concerns about possible dangers in use.

    Dongheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. produces two kinds of carbon nanotube products: powder and slurry. For powder products, low metal residues make batteries safer and rich conductive functional groups keep batteries more efficient. Powder products of various diameters are available to satisfy different customer’s needs. Slurry products can be manufactured under control within large solid range content (4%~8%). With excellent electrical conductivity achieved by simple mixing process and controllable viscosity and flow property, the slurry products can meet the requirements of different processes.

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