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    Wuxi Donghen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd was established in August, 2011. The company specializes in R&D, production and sales related to high-tech carbon nanotubes and its products are nanotube powderand nanotube slurry

    Currently we have dozens of advanced battery analysis and test equipment for carbon nanotube R&D with an annual capacity of about 200 T carbon nanotube powder and 1000 T carbon nanotube conductive slurry. Carbon nanotube conductive agent can be used separately and has perfect synergy with other conductive agents. It can significantly reduce internal resistance of battery, increase charge and discharge power density, enhance compact density and capacity per gram of active materials, remarkably lower the usage of conductive agent, raise proportion of active materials and energy density, improve high and low temperature discharge and cycling performance, boost electrolyte absorption so as to extend the service life of batteries.

    As carbon nanotube technology continuously improves, the new star of conductive agent for power battery provides an alternative energy source other than fuel and will no doubt become the mainstream of future market.

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